time is money 

     A full and accurate budget depends on site selection and donated property condition. Important budgetary categories are listed below, divided into initial costs and yearly maintenance.

     As a rough guide, Central Park, NY has a budget of $16M/year, or $19,000/acre, in addition to benefiting from the support of a dedicated group of volunteers. A midrange 18 hole golf course covering 60 acres requires about a million dollars a year, or $12,000/acre. And a town might spend $150,000 on a few small parks, for about $10,000/acre. Lastly, a national park such as the 6,800 acres operated by the National Park Service in Washington cost about $3,000/acre . Thus, a rough maintenance cost for TiWalkMe is $5,000/year for every acre- offset as much as practical through donations of time, labor and materials.


Category Initial Cost Yearly Maintenance


Land acquisition    
Site remediation    
Fees and Taxes    


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