mindful hands

     Held in trust for the community, the TiWalkMe Escapement is neither park nor museum. The land, the paths, the benches under the trees, indeed the entire site is designed for individual contemplation, family celebration, community interaction and as a global resource for imagining the future. But the community plays another role more important than mere visitor.

     The community helps renew the Escapement's mission. It shares in guarding the trees and land. It helps decide when the Escapement must incorporate new ideas and learnings, and when to accentuate the past. When trees are damaged, people who planted saplings from the TiWalkMe greenhouse might choose to volunteer those trees as replacements. Others may serve as guides or volunteers. Some may help design the pavilions ringing the Escapement, and may choose the themes decorating the open fields. Community members, both local and distant, will be invited to serve along with the Foundation trustees to guide the Escapement's evolution.
      The trees count out the years; the community winds the clock.

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