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Produced and donated by the Bionatics group in France, the simulation demonstrates:

  • Growth of trees over time and through the seasons
  • Overall site plan, including paths, water features, trees, flowers, access roads, pavilion, buildings and adjacent land
  • Evolution of site's mixed-use- playgrounds, community gardens, etc.
  • Views from above and at ground level

     Each movie is relatively large, necessitating compressing deep time into one explosive moment, giving the impression of a forest racing along the Escapement. But the actual forest moves slowly and deliberately- imagine each frame of the film (1000 frames for 1000 years) played out at a pace of one a day. It would take three years to view the movie, and even then it's running 300 times faster than life.....

     Or click here to see the first 48 years, one year a second, at higher resolution.

     Donors will receive a CD-ROM with a high resolution version of the simulation.

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